Albergo Roma is an important building with six floors located in the city center of Castelfranco Veneto. The hotel skirts the ancient walls of the city and it has 76 rooms, a restaurant with 120 seats, a fitness room and a wellness center. It is the starting point for many tourists, who come to visit the most important cities of the Veneto region, the Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea.

A Phillips telephone exchange managed more than 100 internal numbers of the collaborators, the DECT system which guaranteed the communication among the floors and the phones for the guests in the rooms.

“The Phillips machine was very old and it has been hit by an electric shock during a storm, which has damaged it irreparably; at that point, we have contacted our historical supplier, but he proposed us a traditional telephone exchange”.

However, Albergo Roma was searching for a new system, so it contacts Eurogroup, a company with several Italian and International offices, which proposed an innovative solution.

“We have used the existing servers of the hotel to install a virtual machine and we have decided to remove the DECT system and to configure instead the Mobility and the smartphone Apps, which allow the customer to manage the communication among floors more efficiently”.

In order to manage internally all the reservations, Albergo Roma will implement the Kite system, the chat and calling system directly from the website, for the purpose to guarantee to the customers an immediate contact with the staff of the hotel and the booking through the website.

“Implementations excluded, the installation is complete at the moment and the customer told us that he is very satisfied”.



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