Fine art solutions

While respecting the principle of the rule of art and the use of internal and external resources, that operate in perfect synergy and in line with our production processes, we produce high-performance thermoelectric systems.

Those listed below are just a few examples:

  • civil and industrial heating and conditioning;
  • anti-fire and turning-off;
  • compressed air;
  • air duct treatment;
  • gas systems;
  • installation of equipment and control systems, remote management and energy savings.

We also offer our support and maintenance services for:

  • boilers, burners and appliances for civil and industrial air-conditioning;
  • heating systems and air conditioning;
  • refrigeration machinery.

Finally we perform, charges of Third Responsible for the institution of practices and direction of design work.


The Energy Audit of a building is a systematic procedure which allows to provide a proper knowledge of its consumption profile and to identify and quantify the opportunities of energy improvement from a cost-benefit point of view.

Thanks to this important analysis tool, we can identify the proper energy redevelopment intervention, evaluating in advance its effectiveness in terms of consumption reduction and users' comfort.

Moreover, with the implementation of our Remote Control system, we can monitor the system's performance and guarantee an immediate intervention for every need.


What is it?

Conto Termico is a set of public fiscal benefits to support energy redevelopment interventions and for the production of thermal energy from renewable sources, both for the privates and the Public Administration.
The national aim is to increase the total return of the energy use.

Who can request the benefit?

Public Administrations, companies and privates can request the benefit.
As a certified ESCo (Energy Service Company) our company can help its own Customers in the obtaining of this public financing.

Which are the financed interventions?

The interventions aimed to increase the energy efficiency in existing buildings which have a conditioning system can be financed. For example, the following interventions can obtain the benefit:

  • substitution of existing winter conditioning systems with winter conditioning systems which use condensing air heaters;
  • transformation of the existing buildings into “NZEB - Nearly Zero Energy Buildings” through energy efficiency interventions aimed to reduce the energy demand;
  • substitution of lighting systems for internal areas and of the external appliances with efficient lighting systems;
  • installation of Building Automation technologies for thermal and electrical systems of the buildings, including the installation of thermoregulation and heat-accounting systems;
  • thermal energy production from renweable sources and high efficiency interventions in existing buildings.

The appliances and the components used for the interventions must be new and correctly sized on the basis of the real thermal energy needs.


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