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In our laboratories it is used a control system that allows continuous improvement of labour standards and efficiency, the constant vigilance of the production flow and supply management.

This guarantees a tangible reduction of production times and a reduction of costs.

We can also make industrial mountings, mass and technological machinery, the application of the principles of "Lean Manufacturing".

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True to our philosophy of optimizing resources, we pay attention to reducing wastes: raw materials, resulting from overproduction or unnecessary inventories, arising from the lack of optimization of production processes or additional costs resulting from the imperfections of the products or the cost of transporting expense. For this reason we employ planning and control tools.

The multi-sectoral organization and transverse know-how allow us to offer, in every phase of the work, an expanded range of integrated solutions, accompanying the client in a gradual process of improving of efficiency and an increasing of productivity

This method allows us to analyze and define roadmaps in order to achieve a continuous improvement for these subjects:

  • waste elimination;
  • precise identification of the value of the client's prospective;
  • clear identification of every process that actually gives value to the work and then to the client, in order to eliminate those phases which do not give any more value;
  • creation of phases which constantly add more value, by finding the perfect solution for effectively interconnecting the phases together.
  • just in time production;
  • perfection pursuing through continuous improvements.

The manufacturing process is undertaken with an overall perspective in order to eliminate the superfluous complexity of the manufacturing process, so that to make every process more flexible as possible, by converging from the beginning every company's activity.

The waste we try to eliminate are the most various:

  • raw material's wastes;
  • downtime's wastes;
  • unused stock on hand;
  • wastes due to overproduction;
  • wastes due to not optimized processes;
  • useless transports;
  • defective goods.

In order to optimize the lean manufacturing process, EUROGROUP's team avails itself with the following instruments:

  • Value Stream Mapping
    It is a graphic visual method which allows to prevent every kind of waste, with no removing of any value from the product, but with exponentially increasing efficiency.
  • 5s Methodology
    This simple scheme consists in a systematic and repeatable five-steps-method, able to optimize the working standards and to improve all the performances in the manufacturing process.

  • Spaghetti Chart
    Through the usage of this diagram's graphic representation, it is possible to follow every step undertaken by the product along the whole manufacturing process, with reference to its growing value.

  • Kanban
    It is part of the Just-in-time system, that replenishes the provisions as soon as they are used. The kanban, indicating the kind of a particular material used in a particular process, it is placed on the container that has to be filled up again as soon as it is emptied. The provision flux, real-time updated, helps to prevent warehouse stocks and the resulting costs.

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