The union of mechanics, electronics and informatics in order to automate the production systems


Mechatronics provide the fusion of various disciplines: mechanics, electronics and informatics, which are useful for the realization of modern engineering applications. This new approach to the planning and the realization of systems and devices allows the optimization of mechanical structures and the related control modes.

We have trained our technicians to cope with the interdisciplinarity of the necessary skills for more than 50 years of activity.

We continue to invest in training, research and development to be able to fulfill the knowhow needs required by our clients.

Besides improving our electronic and informatic engineering laboratories, we have created some new productive areas for machining.



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In our workshops we have areas for mechanical processing, including:

  • carpentry for the processing of sheet metal that has pressepiega, punching machines, mig-tig, cutting-shearing etc.;
  • turning and milling department;
  • spaces dedicated to mounting bays or to Lean Production processes.

We dedicate particular attention to the professional training of our mechanical operators to face any market request; moreover, we can count on the partnership with specialized workshops for particular precision mechanical and carpentry works.

Automation and Machine Instrumentation

Thanks to our Automation expertise we can:

  • design and implement the necessary machine board systems and electrical panels;
  • take advantage of our 50 years of experience to face any need of our Customers;
  • use our Global Service to perform commissioning anywhere in the world.

Software and Commissioning

We have always made Automation and Supervision Software:

  • we have over 25 programmers;
  • we operate in multiple Software developement environments with different programming languages;
  • we offer innovative solutions with technologies that allow a simple and intuitive approach for the end user, in the logic of "Industry 4.0".

Combining our experience in mechanics, automation and software we are able to provide solutions suitable for any need, starting from the initial request and accompanying the entire production process up to the final commissioning in a "turnkey" logic.

We can design and implement many applications, such as: 

  • specific solutions aimed at production lines;
  • handling the production process (translation roller conveyors, belts, automatic warehouses management, etc.);
  • "taylor made" process machinery;
  • robotised islands;
  • packaging lines;
  • automated solutions for mass production processes.

We can design and implement  following the principles of the "National Industry 4.0 Plan".


We can guarantee you:

  • a single referent company for the entire realization process;
  • maximum efficiency of production times ensuring the best quality of the finished product;
  • full support of our "Global Service".

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