Experts in the management of the energy

We are specialized in the development of technologically advanced solutions able to ensure optimization in terms of energy efficiency, both in the private and public sectors and in particular in the industrial, service and residential ones. Always updated with the latest technological solutions, our projects also consider some normative evolution of the sector: as a ESCo certified company, for example, we are able to manage the whole process necessary for the obtaining of the White Certificates (TEE ).

After careful Energetics Audits, our experts tests the effectiveness of different possibilities for savings identified, and evaluate the relation between costs and effectiveness, the benefits and the pay back of the proposed investments with the aim to find the best solution.

We perform electrical diagnosis, analysis and proposals for energy efficiency, preparatory studies and verification of production's and consumption's cycles in terms of energy, analysis of systems' and installations' cost savings.

Industrial sector's solutions_immagine

The energy efficiency measures in industry relate largely to electrical companies, processes and air conditioning systems. Thanks to our experience in the industry we have identified some interventions in which we reach the most effective results:

  • Supervision Systems and Building Automation;
  • optimization of power factor correction systems;
  • installation of high efficiency engines;
  • the use of LED technology in lighting installation;
  • using the Inverter in the control of electric engines;
  • the installation of photovoltaic systems;
  • the installation of cogeneration or trigeneration.
  • installation of measurement and control systems (consumption monitoring, energy waste analyzes, intervention areas identification, feasibility studies, ..)
Public sector's solutions_immagine

We are committed to identify and present energy efficiency solutions for the public sector, including:

  • utilization of the latest generation of LED technology and the best remote control systems for public lighting;
  • Smart City applications (data network, hot spot wifi, video surveillance, license plate reading, information panels, charging stations for electric vehicles, vehicle flow detection systems);
  • installation of renewable energy systems and energy storage systems (reduction of emissions, optimum utilization of the energy produced, ..)
  • rehabilitation of buildings (LED lighting, building automation, systems and efficient boilers, district heating, ..);
  • adjustment, control and optimization (remote management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, emergency response, ...);
  • consumption monitoring, analysis and data processing, reporting.
Civil sector's solutions_immagine

In the civil sector, problems are very similar to the previous ones and interventions include:

  • the installation of photovoltaic systems;
  • the Use of LED lamps;
  • the installation of heat pumps;
  • Home Automation.

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