LIGHTING! The biggest project can take off

Important success for Eurogroup!

After almost 4 years, the ruling from the State Council finally arrives which recognizes Eurogroup together with the A2A company, winners for the tender presented in 2018 for the assignment of the definitive and executive design under the Project Financing regime. , as well as the execution of the adaptation and energy efficiency works of the public lighting systems of the Municipality of Treviso, with associated ordinary, scheduled and extraordinary management.


Source: TRIBUNA DI TREVISO - 25 August 2021 - Article by ANDREA PASSERINI

The Council of State rejects City Green Light's second instance appeal - Twenty-year management in project financing to the A2a-Eurogroup consortium

The calculation of the economic parameters on which the commission was sufficient? Correct. The parameters of energy efficiency? Congrui.U VAT calculation and the indices assigned with respect to the efficiency chapter? Absolutely legitimate. The structure of the economic and financial plan, with the choice of combining certain technical items rather than separating them? It did not violate the rules. With these reasons, the judges of the Council of State rejected yesterday - sentence 5979 - the appeal of City Green Light, which came second in the tender and already defeated in the first instance at the Tar of Venice. The Roman verdict in fact confirmed the verdict in the lagoon, for which the judges had resorted to super-consultants, including university professor Stefano Bertinetti, who teaches at Ca 'Foscari, due to the technical complexity of the matter. And therefore the public lighting contract, worth 33 million, strongly supported by the Manildo junta and in particular by the then councilor for the budget Alessandra Gazzola - can take off. An epochal revolution for the city. The winning consortium A2a illuminazione - Eurogroup (51% of Ati to the Brescia colossus, 49% to the Silea company) will manage the buildings for 20 'years, also using 3 million derived from the suburban fund issued at the time by the government Renzi. The public lighting system will be completely renovated - at no additional cost compared to the current management - creating better brightness in squares and streets and significantly reducing light pollution.

The tender used the project financing instrument, spread over 20 years. The temporary business association that manages the service takes on the maxi initial investment, and then receives you an annual fee with which to derive the profit, also thanks to the use of technology, reducing consumption. The Giutnta Conte, who inherited the game but also its legal implications, tried to anticipate the times, meanwhile entrusting the executive project, frozen pending yesterday's verdict, and which probably will have to pass to the municipal court.

The success of the municipality - defended by the lawyers of the Avvocatura Civica, Antonello Coniglione and Giampaolo De Piazzi - effectively unlocks a stalemate that lasted almost 3 years. Technically, in addition to the reconstruction of the existing system, the missing sections will be created (as in Viale della Repubblica) and scenographic lights created in the historic center, destined to embellish the most evocative views of the city with a high rate of choreography. - And in the meantime, intelligent lights will become widespread, illuminating the streets and reducing dispersion towards homes. All the street lamps in the area will be controlled remotely, while the city will be invaded by 15,000 eco-sustainable lamps.



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