Today is the International Day of Energy Saving, an annual event now considered among the most important for the educational and informative potential that it intrinsically carries with it.
If, on the one hand, it is indeed true that people's environmental sensitivity is growing day by day, just as interest in more sustainable lifestyles and in reducing the environmental impact in daily choices increases, it is equally essential to keep events and special occasions on the calendar in which to become aware and reflect both on the global situation of the planet and on the individual contribution that each of us can guarantee for a greener world.

Established in 2005, simultaneously with the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol, that is the International Treaty which aims to protect the planet from the damage caused by the now serious problem of climate change. Therefore, the International Day of Energy Saving is and should be considered an important event for everyone, citizens and companies: everyone can take the opportunity to re-evaluate lifestyles and production processes in order to reduce consumption and contribute to real eco-sustainability. and tangible.

Particularly noteworthy is the impact that this initiative has really generated, not only in terms of effective energy savings as a result of the simple (but collective) action of "turning off the light" for a few minutes, but also by virtue of the initiatives associated with it. linked and foreseen by the Sustainability Education Plan, launched in 2017 in support of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development of the UN.

Just as in everyday life each of us can contribute by saving, recycling and reusing, even energy can be subject to a more sustainable approach!


Here are some practical tips we give you to get started on the right foot:

Favor energy-saving light bulbs over "traditional" incandescent lights or, even better, "smart" light bulbs, which can be switched on and off even remotely.
Optimize your purchases by choosing high energy class appliances (at least A, even better with some "+"), which reduce consumption.
Opt for a condensing boiler, which guarantees a significant reduction in waste and polluting emissions compared to the traditional boiler.
Turn off the light when not needed! It is a good practice to turn on the lights only when it is really necessary and to facilitate entry into environments with natural light.
No to stand-by: better turn off! To facilitate this good habit, we suggest you group the devices that can be turned off (TV, DVD player, Playstation, smartphone charger, external hard disk, printers, etc.) with a single multiple socket equipped with a convenient on / off button.
Take advantage of a smarter regulation of air conditioning, as well as favor the purchase of air conditioners in class A or higher, by lowering the condensing temperature or making sure that the doors and windows of the house are tightly closed while the air conditioning is on. function produces savings.
Use washing machines and dishwashers at the most convenient times and ways. There are time slots in which the cost of energy is cheaper, and which should therefore be favored for the use of large appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and dryers.
Install photovoltaic panels to save electricity and contribute to an increasingly "green" society, oriented towards real respect for the ecosystem, it would be good to evaluate the installation of photovoltaic panels so as to take the energy we need directly from the sun.
These little tricks will help to reduce energy consumption in a very sensitive way, which you can notice simply by monitoring the amounts of your bills over time!



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