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Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication Solutions for SMEs is designed to help organizations build and strengthen their competitive advantage. From this point of view, the evolution
constant of this solution was based essentially on three basic elements:

The profitability depends on the efficiency and responsiveness of its staff.
communication solutions Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication Solutions improve the working conditions of employees with tools advanced and easy to use for the management of daily phone tasks and electronic information, as well as to streamline collaboration, wherever they work.

The ability to efficiently manage customer demand has a significant influence on their satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, in turn, increases the customer loyalty and, consequently, revenues. Communication solutions Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication Solutions
offer the ability to operate efficiently and reliably in the management of customer relationships.

The simpler your daily operations, the more you can focus on your core business. The lower your operating costs, the higher the profitability.
Communication solutions Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication Solutions solutions are easy to install and manage, designed to reduce telecommunications costs.

A modular and flexible offer
Offer Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication Solutions is completely modular and is ready for future developments, because it adapts to the evolving needs of business daily. When you need to add features, a new application, or terminal capacity, the selected solution can be easily extended at any time and in the manner you prefer.

To provide communications solutions that can evolve with the needs of customers, Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication Solutions is based on a flexible and scalable. The solution is implemented by combining the elements to suit expectations and budget, including:

Applications and terminals for up to 236 users suite of communication and software licenses, Infrastructure for normal business telephony or IP communications and extended converged network infrastructure.

Choosing Alcatel-Lucent as a partner, the customer will obviously driven decision making throughout the process, until the period following the installation, so as to maximize their investments. Will now discuss the advantages of this simple but powerful architecture.

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